Ultimate solution for Grinding Machinery

Surface Grinder Cum Milling Machine


Variable Spindle Speed, Complete of Digital Read-Out, Variable Table Travel Feed

Ball Screw Drive on Table, Head Power Feed with Ball Screw

Splash and Safety Guard, Manual Oil Pump

Model   S-1000 S-1500
Max. Length of Job mm 850x290  1400x330
Segment Wheel Size mm 305 355
Table Size mm 945x285 1500 x 305
Table Width mm 300 300
Max. Distance Grinding mm 450 635
Wheel to Table Surface      
Grinding Wheel Motor HP 3 AC Variable Drive Control 5 AC Variable Drive Control
Table Feed Motor HP 0.5 AC Variable Drive Control AC Variable Drive Control
Head Rapid Motor HP 0.25 0.5
Length mm 2200 2500
Width mm 900 1100
Height mm 1770 1770
Machine Weight (Approx) kg 1100 1900
Tool Holder Nos 1 1
Parallel Block Nos 2 2+2
Note: The above specifications are not binding in details and may change without prior notice.

Surface Grinder Cum Milling Machine