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Con Rod Boring Machine


Simple, easy, fast, economic, this is the best to offer for work, quick clamping easy centering, and best tool setting system.

Standard Accessories Nos.
Boring Spindle Dia. 14 1
Boring Spindle Dia. 14 1
Boring Spindle Dia. 25 1
Boring Spindle Dia. 40 1
Centering device with Dia. 1 Gauge 1
Tool Setting Micrometer 1
Taper Pin (1 Set)

Model   CB-300
Min & Max. Bore Centre Distance of the Connecting Rod mm 100 - 350
Boring Range mm 15 to 100
Feed mm 0.6
Bottom Part Traverse Crosswise mm 50
Table Movement Longitudinal mm 300
Motor Spindle Speed (Dual Speed) HP 0.75-1.0
Note: The above specifications are not binding in details and may change without prior notice.

Con Rod Boring Machine